Affiliate Sites - Month 1

Tom Riley SEO

Having built up numerous lead generation sites its always been a goal of mine to grow my own affiliate sites that I can generate a passive income from and potentially selling them for a significant sum since, affiliate sites typically sell for 20-40 times their monthly revenue.

I've decided to launch 3 sites, all on brand new domains.

In general, here are the factors that all sites will have in common:

  • MoneyPages or Revenue Generating Pages (Optimized with Frase,Surfer SEO, Inlink)
  • Internlinked blog content that supports the moneyPages using the Reverse Silo Method(ish).
  • Linkbuilding activities such as Guest Posts, Niche Edits, Tiered Link Building, and Digital PR Outreach. Special attention will be given to ensuring the links we generate come from pages with internal links (non orphaned), where possibe (often by asking the site paying for it) or tiering up the links with my backlinks from other domains.
  • Content will be optimised for search intent (obviously), focusing on overall on-page word optimisation with relevant entites and phrases. However, additionally, the content will be optimised down to the sentence level (in certain circumstances), leveraging NLP to win People also ask spots and featured snippets and provide a better understanding of the page to Google and users alike.
  • Basic things thats often overlook such as linkbuilding from social pages,citation NAP, and social traffic. All sites with will be given a local adress. Orginisational shcema, FAQ ,same as schema. Unique images on everysingle page that do nott already exsist in googles index, using text on images too.
Some of Tools I'm Using (Contains Affiliate Links )

Surfer SEO - On-page Optimisation (Most affordable and easy to use, ticks of phrases as you go ensuring content is 'optimised'.
Inlinks - Similar to Surfer but Topic & Entity optimisation, also comes with auto-generated FAQ schema, auto-generated about schema, and same as schema, which saves a lot of time.
Ghost CMS - Very simple easy to use and fast, all I need for the two product affiliate sites.
Fivver - Any freelancer task I can outsource doesn't have the time to do. Such as citation building, social profile setups, and image editing.

Site 1) Car Finance Niche / Car Finance Broker

This site will initially sell leads and I don't expect it to earn anything any time soon, I'm thinking in terms of years.

This will be a long slow grind but hopefully one day could get into 10-20k per month. If we were to flip it entirely into an actual finance broker then it could earn a lot more!

This site holds enormous potential , as the actual lease broker sites sitting on page one of google generate 7 figure revenues. The SERPS is very competitive with all the ranking sites being high DR with thousands of pages.

Building thousands of pages to cover all the car brands, models, and trims is major challenge, along with developing the site in logically organised manner and ensuring internal linking is optimised for seo. I'll be teaming up with for for his skills in web development, UX, branding.

As this site isn't a typical content based affiliate site, its not a site I could complete on my own, its complex website.

I like this approach though because in a world where AI is making affiliate SEO extremely easy, its a site that not many people can easily replicate at least not without a lot of without a lot of effort.

All content on the site will be generated ai using pre trained Claude/Chat GPT4. Link building will be ran by myself using a mix of pr/guest posts/ foundational links.

Site 2) Health Product Review Site

This site will be 100% AI-generated content. Again it will be a slow grind but, I predict this site could end up somewhere between £1-10k per month...if I stick at it, with a sell on value of £30-300k.

The main issue in this niche is developing enough 'authority' to compete in the health related SERPs. Where you will see almost zero low authority sites ranking. This means link building will be particularly important, I plan on doing a regular link building campaign but also trying to get links from trusted sources like medical sites, universities, and national news sites.

The niche has 40-50% commission payouts on products. Nearly every single page on the site will be a product review article. I don't buy into the whole informational vs transactional content ratio. But, obviously with this being in a YMYL niche links will play a huge part.

I also don't buy into the whole EEAT , health site 😱, content has to be written by experts with professional profile bull💩. Content will be written by myself, and Claude Ai. Authority will be built through links. EAT still is 99% page rank, in my opinion.

Site 3) £1000+ Product Review site in Lifestyle Niche

This site similar to site 2, is all product review with very minimal informational content. All the products are £1000-2000 and commissions are in the 5-10% range.

This is a weird niche as I'm actually unsure how many of these products are purchased online vs in-store, as its typically a product people want to test out.

Again this will be all full AI assisted content...

Work In Month 1

Site 1) National Lead Generation Site

TLDR Summary

  • Working through 189 category pages with 500-800 word NLP-optimised descriptions.
  • Using "read more" tabs to hide some content while keeping internal links above the tabs.
  • Adding 15-20 NLP opmtimised questions and schema per page category page to drive engagement and google's poeple also ask spots.
  • Linking between category pages for different brands to improve internal linking to connected topics for google. But also for users for engagement.
  • Adding email links and mentions of address, phone numbers, etc. to signal business info to Google (EEAT)
  • Linking car category pages to corresponding blog review of each car model (Every blog post opmtised to rank).
  • Using unique images with brand names and models as text on the image.
  • Indexing with only 3 popular brands initially, but in hindsight would use less competitive niche brands first to more easily gain trust/traffic

This site is actually a couple of months old now, but it's still not indexed as we're still building it out. This site, although it isn't ecom, follows an e-commerce site-style architecture.

I've been working my way through 189 categories pages of category page content. (This is only from 3 car brands ). Each category links down to around 15-50 products or car trims each with its own page including all the specific car specs and (Like an eCommerce product page).

In total, there will be 1000s of car model category pages, but we're going to index the site with only 150ish.

The 500-800 word description for each category page is NLP friendly and we've asked ai to produce higher salience for terms such as lease,car lease, as well as include the semantically related phrases needed to rank. We've then used a 'read more' tab to hide the content but tried to insure internal links were placed above the 'read more'. We're using the internal links to link our other car brand category pages. At the bottom of the content we've included a clickable link to an email address and phone number so google can crawl it to help facilitate 'EEAT'.

We're effectively saying hey google look we want people to get in touch with us, our sites full of emails, address, phone number, we're a real business that can help people! Oh look we have links from the national press too. Rank us.

Below the each product or car time, every category page then links down to a blog post review of each car.

For now we are just linking to the car brand blog category page until the content for each car model is complete. For example /mercedes/reviews/

At the bottom of the page there are at least 15-20 NLP optimised questions that facilitate the buyer journey. We actually want people to click and interact with these FAQ's for engagement metric feedback to google, we've used zero javascript for better crawlingto keet things nice and fast.

I plan to FAQ schema all of these to help pull in traffic via Google's "People also ask" feature.

Every model category page also has a unique image on it; this was achieved by chopping the backgrounds from car images on Photoshop/Canva and inputting our brand name and car make / model + finance. Although tedious, this is because Google can read images.

We are indexing the site with 3 brands only so we can start the link building process.

We've picked popular car brands but in hindsight I would of actually chosen unpopular noncompetitive car brands that are easier to rank , this way we could get some traffic and trust flowing into the site, avalanche theory style.

Site 2) Health Product Site

TLDR Summary

  • Created product review articles as the main content
  • Tried some lazy digital PR outreach but no success yet
  • Using typical blog content formatting like bullet points, tables, images
  • Embedding YouTube videos and Spotify podcasts relevant to the topic to increase engagement
  • Optimizing on-page elements with tools like Surfer and Inlinks
  • So far has received 42 clicks which is promising for an early niche site
  • Some clicks are likely from myself but there seems to be some genuine search traffic already

For my Health Product Affiliate Site, I produced a series of product review articles. That's it. I did some half-arsed digital PR outreach but with no success yet. With blog content, I typically break up the page with bulleted lists, tables, and unique images.

However, I'm trying something different this time. I've embedded things like Youtube videos and Spotify podcasts on the topic that lead the user to the page.

For example, if they found the page by searching for a specific query on testosterone, then the page will embed a Spotify podcast on there. The theory is that they might stay and listen, giving the site some positive engagement metrics. Obviously, the pages are optimized using on-page tools such as Surfer and Inlinks, as seen below.

You can view surfer here.

Surfer SEO

How are things looking...

Health Niche Product Site

I'm actually pretty pleased its picked up 42 clicks so early, as you typically see niche sites flat line for a while. I'm pretty sure some of the early clicks are myself but definitely not 42.

Site 3) £1000+ Product Review Site

  • Created around 10 articles, a mix of informational and product reviews.
  • Added necessary ancillary pages such as affiliate disclaimer, about, etc., and applied relevant organisational schema. Started link building on the site and engaged in digital PR efforts.
  • Successfully obtained links from 4 regional newspapers and Yahoo Finance, all with AI content and relevant to the domain. Used a tips-based approach to keep cool during the European heatwave and linked back to the site with expert commentary.
  • Generated links from 3 local newspapers and Yahoo Finance through the tips-based article.
  • Created a fake persona and emailed local newspapers to announce the launch of a new business, and managed to get an artile and link.
  • Built foundational links for the product site, including a Citations pack from and NAP matching the organizational schema and footer address.
    Purchased 25 social profiles from,which includes business pages on platforms like Medium and Tumblr and linked in.
  • Set up 6 social media accounts from a Fiverr gig to save time.
  • Overall, pleased with the site's performance, receiving clicks and ranking within the first week of being indexed.

I've proceed around 10 articles , a mix of informational and product reviews, along with all the necessary ancillary page for eat such as affiliate disclaimer, about, etc and applied relevant organisational schema and same as.

I started link building on this site and some digital PR. I was able to land links from 4 regional newspapers, as well as a link on Yahoo Finance, all with AI content. Both the titles and articles are relevant to my domain, and some branded anchor text links back to my domain. Not bad for week one of the site being indexed!

I did this in a couple of different ways. For one article, I gave a tips-based approach to keeping cool during the European heatwave. Then, I tied it back to the topic of my site and provided some expert commentary along with a link back to my site. This was picked up by 3 local newspapers and Yahoo Finance.

Another way was by creating a fake personas and emailing local newspapers, announcing that the persona from their area had launched a new business🫢, I then got the local paper to link back to my site within the article. These links also had my domains name and topic mentioned in the page title and the main author/persona mentioned throughout the article , potential EEAT bonus?

I also started to build foundational links to the same product site. This included a Citations pack (Name, Address, Phone Number) from and citations from UK directory sites I purchased a fivver gig for. These citations matched the organisational schema and footer address. I purchased picked up 25 social profiles from, these are links or profiles on the likes of Medium, Tumblr, etc. And then a further 6 social media accounts set up from another gig on Fiverr I've used in the past (I don't have time to create social media accounts).

How are things looking...

£1000+ Product Review Site: 45 clicks inside first 7 days

Although I'm not really focusing on traffic as this stage, I'm pretty pleased that the sites picking up clicks and ranking already inside its first week.